Sunday, March 1, 2009

Week #9 - Religion and the Family

This week, I am interested in hearing how you think your religion has influenced your family.  As a child, as an adult, as a parent yourself...Do you think a religious influence, or lack thereof, changed the person you turned out to be so far?  How?  Do you still carry out the same traditions?  Why?  I hope this stimulates lots of helpful discussion!


  1. As a child we were taught the importance of having faith and in developing a testimony of Jesus Christ. We learned early on that he has a plan for all of us. Prayer was also an important part of my upbringing as my parents this by example with family prayers etc. This influence has in turn created me to have the same desire in my own family. Having seen what religion can do to me, I without a doubt want my family to be able to experience it. Nowadays people are taught that they can do things without consequence, values are continually deteriorating and it will be even more important for religion and faith in a higher power to be taught and learned in the house at an early age as I was taught at an early age.

  2. Growing up, my father was never religious. I should explain that although my parents married in the temple, he basically became inactive shortly thereafter. Because of that, religion didn't seem to be a huge part of my life. I know we went to church but I can't really remember how often. We never had FHE, scripture reading, or family prayer and I never remember watching conference.
    My parents got divorced when I was 11, and I moved with my mother to Boise. After that my mom got very involved in the church. We still didn't have a great track record with FHE or family prayer, but we did start going to church every Sunday and watching each conference session.
    Seeing my mom's devotion to the church during the years that really molded who I would become made a huge difference. She is a very strong woman and despite all the hardships she has endured, she always stayed true to the church. That had a big influence on making my testimony stronger.
    On the flip side, growing up without having certain things a habit in our family (FHE, scripture reading, etc.) has definitely had a negative effect. It was never a habit for me so to this day I still find it hard to do those things and always struggle with keeping at them. I think making those kinds of things a habit for our children from the beginning will have a positive influence on them and I hope that since I know the outcome of not doing them, it will be easier to do what I should once we have kids.

  3. My parents were religious Nazis!!! At least that's what I thought growing up. There's no doubt religion played a huge role in our home, and consequently, who I am today. My parents were very "stable" folks, despite the hell I put them through. I always gave them credit for that. (By stable, I mean that I knew what their reactions and/or decisions would be regarding anything before I even brought anything to their attention.) Now, having learned a few things since then, I realize their 'stability' came from their devotion to God through their religion. Many of my friends growing up didn't have any sense of that. One day they would be living with their father, the next with their mother, the next with a sibling, etc. More often than not, both parents worked out of the home, leaving them not only unsupervised, but with a lesser sense of accountablility. Anyway, I'm grateful my parents based their judgment, and their lives, on stable/unchanging principles. (I don't call them religious Nazis anymore!)