Sunday, March 8, 2009

Week #10 - TV Pod People

We know from many studies, both religious and secular, that TV has an impact on family relationships and the basic functions of  the home.  What I want to know is how TV affected you while you were growing up?  Can you think of any specific instance where watching TV was particularly helpful or particularly a hindrance?  Did your parents' attitude towards TV affect your own watching habits?  How?  Hmm...more to ponder for the week.


  1. My dad once said that we couldn't have TVs in our rooms because it would take away from the time that we spent together. We loved to watch TV and I really became addicted. I still can't break the habit. I will still get out and do something if I've been invited but when I'm home, you can bet I'm watching TV rather than cooking, cleaning, etc. I want to avoid letting my kids watch too much TV growing up. I hope I can do it!

  2. TV was a regular thing after school for me. Mom usually limited us to an hour though. (transformers and GI Joe for me.) I would say they were pretty strict on the types of progams we were allowed to watch, which looking back, I definitely think was wise. I remember certain sports programs (Monday Night Football) and even the Disney Sunday Night Moving being regulars for the whole family to gether around for. I've been away from tv for quite a while now though, mainly because of a lack of time, or being located where there wasn't one available. To be honest, I think I get a lot more done! These days, I think the computer is the new TV, in that it seems to occupy most people's entertainment, information, and spare time.

  3. We never had cable growing up because my parents didn't want us wasting too much time watching TV. This encouraged us to do our homework first after school, spend time with the family, hang out with friends, play outside parents weren't against TV they just wanted to limit us and today there are a few shows I love to watch but I'm not addicted in any way. In fact we just cut cable to save some money and I don't miss it one bit b/c it was never a huge part of my life.