Sunday, February 1, 2009

Week #5 - Why Can't We Be Friends?

With so many of you placing comments about how you and your sibling(s) get along, I thought it would be interesting to explore times when you may have had to cooperate with a sibling and how that went.  When there is sibling rivalry in a family, it is rarely the sole aspect of that relationship.  Usually, it's sort of a love-hate thing, and this week's question is more about the love.  What brings you and your siblings together (besides, perhaps, moving away from one another, as effective as that often is.  :D)?


  1. Since I only have one brother, that is reason enough to bring us together, I don't have anyone else and that has made us very close, plus we are only 2 years apart so we have always been a part of each others life. Of course there have been ups and downs throughout the years but overall we have both realized that life is too short and we only have each other to rely on so we keep the relationship strong.

  2. My siblings are my best friends after my husband and children ... that was the very hardest thing in moving so far away from where I grew up. Thank goodness for reunions and family letter or I wouldn't be in contact with them (because I am lazy) but I love them very much. Better contact is one thing I am starting to enjoy through new technology.

  3. Moving apart actually didn't strengthen my relationship with my brother, but after going separate ways we lived together for the summer. He had run into some difficult times, and I paid for his major expenses for a few months (rent, food) until he could dig himself out of debt and eventually pay be back. I made big sacrifices to make sure we could live together, and my financial sacrifice showed him that I cared - it's the single best thing that's happened to my relationship with my brother.