Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week #8 - Stepford Children?

So I'm pretty sure we can all agree that last week's questions were a bit of a bomb (only 1 poll answer!  :( ), so let's take this a little different direction.  Rather than trying to sum up an entire household, I'm curious what you all would say makes up the "perfect" child.  If you really could mold your child like a chunk of clay, without outside influences messing up what you're doing, what would that child act like?  Look like?  Be like as an adult?  All of us have been children once (I think...) and know what it's like to have expectations from parents, but what about when YOU'RE the parent?  Hmmm...Hopefully this is a little more thought provoking than last week's weak ones.  :D  Have fun and post, post, post!


  1. I think I could go on and on for pages maybe about what I would like to mold into my children. But if I think about it, I thin one of the most important things I want my children to have is confidence and a testimony of the gospel. That way they will hopefully live the gospel and uplift others around them, instead of being afraid to share their beliefs.

    As far as looks, I want my children to be well-groomed. Of course, I'd love for my children to be the best looking people out there, but that's something that I can't really mold into them. But as long as they look neat, I'm happy.

  2. For me CONFIDENCE is huge, in every aspect. I want a confident child that isn't swayed easily by others, one that knows what he/she wants out of life and is determinted to get there. One who can stand up for themselves and not be embarrased but proud of their beliefs.

    I would like a respectful child that has a close relationship with both Andy and I and can come to us with anything b/c that level of trust has been established. I'd also want my child to respect themselves just as much.

    I want a smart child, book smart and street smart who can make wise decisions and go far in life.

    I'd also want my child to take care of themself appearance wise, always want to look clean cut, care about first impressions etc...
    I could go on and on about what I want in a child. Oh, and of course I'd want a child with a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and try to live like them.

  3. Actually, I hope my kids come with some sort of preprogramming, because I don't want to be TOTALLY responsible for what they turn out like! I'll do my best to figure out who they are, and just try to build a testimony into that, along with a solid work ethic, a sense of humor, and some salt.